Photo Finish CD


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Release date: 16 March, 2018

Photo-Finish is the ninth album by Irish musician Rory Gallagher, released 1st October 1978 and recorded at Dierks Studios, Cologne, Germany. Some of the songs on Photo-Finish were initially recorded on what was to be an earlier album in San Francisco but Gallagher was unhappy with the recordings. He fired the drummer and keyboardist from the current band and replaced only the drummer changing the band to a power trio as his original bands had been. The reissue features original release album review written by Cameron Crowe for Rolling Stone.

1. Shin Kicker     
2. Brute Force & Ignorance     
3. Cruise On Out     
4. Cloak & Dagger     
5. Overnight Bag     
6. Shadow Play     
7. The Mississippi Sheiks     
8. The Last Of The Independants     
9. Fuel To The Fire     
10. Early Warning     
11. Juke Box Annie

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