Against The Grain Vinyl LP


Release date: 16 March, 2018

Against the Grain is the seventh album by Irish musician Rory Gallagher, Released 1st October 1975 and recorded at Wessex Studios, London. The album is mostly new songs written by Gallagher as well as some classic blues and R&B numbers. This 2012 remaster used the original vinyl artwork and 1/4" master tapes so that they look and sound exactly as Rory intended. The reissue features original release album review written by Cameron Crowe for Rolling Stone.

Side A

1. Let Me In     
2. Cross Me Off Your List     
3. Ain't Too Good     
4. Souped-Up Ford     
5. Bought & Sold     

Side B
1. I Take What I Want     
2. Lost At Sea     
3. All Around Man     
4. Out On The Western Plain     
5. At The Bottom

Vinyl LP